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FountainBlue works with clients to integrate visionary goals, momentum-building strategies, and sustainable execution in order to generate sustainable personal, professional and business results.

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FountainBlue membership benefits include:

Event Admission Benefits:

  • A discounted membership rate of $30 for all FountainBlue events.
  • Discounted and free passes to partner events in Silicon Valley when available.  

Networking Benefits:

  • Strategic introductions to select FountainBlue community members for synergistic conversations (at their option).
  • Connections to recommended partners, consultants and professionals with the experience, expertise and track record for delivering results.

Strategic Benefits:

  • Complimentary half hour of executive coaching with emphasis on climbing the corporate ladder, expanding into management, or other topics of interest to members.
  • Complimentary half hour of strategy, marketing and business development advice to tech entrepreneurs.
  • Ongoing strategic introductions to potential strategic investors, partners, founders and customers in support of your entrepreneurial cause.

Other benefits, to be determined.

When She Speaks 

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FountainBlue supports our members, partners and the larger Silicon Valley community by:

  • Sending month event recommendations to the thousands in our community through our free newsletters, providing the following information:

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  • Compiling and distributing blogs and articles on leadership and marketing topics of interest to the community (see our Scoops below)
  • Compiling and distributing notes from our past events to interested others, and
  • Connecting members of our community through our coaching, consulting and advisory services

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Thoughts on Leadership and Business Trends

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​​Our advisory services focus on working with clients to crystallize a strategy, engage a host of partners, and deliver momentum-building results in a time of great change.

Our client conversations focus on how these trends are impacting leaders and companies and what opportunities arise because of these trends.

As we coach, we facilitate transformational change, one conversation, one leader, one organization at a time.  

We produce events, including our monthly When She Speaks series, and our upcoming Executives in Transition series, to convene and connect members of our community.

​We support the development of high-potential corporate tech leaders through one-on-one coaching and facilitated roundtables.
​ We provide marketing and strategic advisory services to position start-ups for success in an Age of Personalization.
We advise corporations on how to Pivot or Perish, remaining relevant in the new economy.
​ We track, document and report on business, leadership and technology trends so that we can better support the needs of our clients.

​​By stimulating conversations and spreading knowledge about technology, business and leadership trends, we help build relationships and collaborations between our community of stakeholders. 

See FountainBlue's scoops and blogs about Marketing Leadership in An Age of Personalization.
See FountainBlue's scoops and blogs about Connections on the Leadership Crossroads.

We work with corporations to stop doing what's-worked-in-the-past and create more fruitful opportunities, relationships and paradigms.